5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Kids St. Patrick’s Day

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Kids St. Patrick’s Day

Since my background is in teaching, my holidays usually are centered around my kids and family. I’m always looking for new ways to make the holidays fun and exciting for them. Here are a few tips and tricks I use when it comes time for us to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Shenanigans

When I taught preschool we would always make the classroom a disarray. We would have chairs nocked over, toy baskets dumped out and played with, and little green foot prints (we used washable paint) around the room. Then one of the leprechauns peed green (food coloring) pee inside the toilet. You can also add to this by putting little green footprints on the top of the toilet seat. At home we do this same things. The fact that the leprechauns used the toilet is usually what the kids find to be the most amusing. Last year I went as far as having the leprechauns use a mini decorative tea set to have a little tea party.

2. Leprechaun Treasure

Our leprechaun usually leaves a different array of things behind each year. It just depends on what is available in stores. I have found it to be increasingly difficult to find things for St. Patricks Day. This year the leprechauns will be leaving behind a small scattered treasure of plastic and chocolate golden coins. I get my plastic coins and chocolate coins at the Dollar Tree. If they are out of chocolate coins I get them at Walmart at the check out stand. They are a small netted bag priced at just under a dollar. Our leprechauns are also leaving behind a neckless for the little one, and a light up ring for each of the older ones. I found something a little fun and different this year. I picked up some green Hostess Snowballs. I found them at from Rite Aide.

Success in leaving behind leprechaun treasure all really depends on what your kids like and whats available. Rainbow licorice is always a fun and delicious option. Also, at Walgreens right now small Skittles bags are on sale for $0.79 cents with card. Pop those babies in a small clear gift bag with marshmallows on the bottom, gold chocolate nuggets, or Rollos and you’ve got yourself a bona fide leprechaun treasure.

3. Tradition

Traditions are a huge part of holidays. That’s why when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day we like to make it a tradition to eat green pancakes and drink green milk. To make our pancakes we use my favorite recipie by All Recipes called, Fluffy Pancake Recipe. I have my own version of this recipe that you can find posted on my blog. For the milk I just add green food coloring to it. Don’t do the entire gallon, just incase your kids get weirded out by the green milk, and don’t want to drink it. You don’t want to waist an entire gallon of milk! We read books about leprechauns and watch the movie Darby O’gill and The Little People. Darby O’gill and The Little People, is a 1959 Walt Disney classic movie Starring, Shean Connery and Janet Mounro. This movie is about non other then leprechauns!

A new tradition we started this year was making a leprechaun trap. Although fun I’m not sure if we will keep this one. The hopes of trying to catch one and the disappointment after is a little to tragic for my little ones. Well have to see how it goes and maybe skip this one next year. We got the special edition chocolate Lucky Charms with only green marshmallows. This special edition box is what came with a leprechaun trap on the back. This is what inspired us to make a trap. I picked up our box at Aldi’s. We added a few things to it to make it a little more complete. We added a clover and a trail of lucky charms cereal to catch the little fellow. Then we patched up a few of the holes in the box after cutting, to make sure he doesn’t escape.

4. Treats

We like to make some sort of green St. Patrick’s Day inspired treat. I usually stick with a simple green rice crispy treat. Last year I tried making them out of Lucky Charms but they turned out to be a little extra crunchy and chewy. Almost to the point where it took the joy out of eating them lol. So, I think this year I will stick to the good old fashioned Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Cereal treats. The recipe we use is on the cereal box. I just add green food coloring to the marshmallows as they are melting to make them green. Don’t forget about mint green chocolate Oreos! Any Oreo fan would go nuts over those. They would make a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day treat.

5. Old fashioned Irish Dinner

What else could make your St. Patrick’s Day more complete, other then corned beef and cabbage?!? My kids really like corned beef, but are always a little skittish about the cabbage. It’s still fun for us to have this as a change to our usual routine of dinners. This year we are going to our families house for this traditional dinner. If you don’t already have a recipe for corned beef and cabbage I would suggest using the Pioneer Woman. She is my go to for any new recipe. There hasn’t been a recipe from her that I haven’t liked.

If you are looking for more ways to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day click on over to my Pinterest page and have a look. You can see where I get all my crafty ideas. I hope this article helps you spruce up your St. Patrick’s Day this year, good luck!🍀