Apple Season In Oak Glen

Apple Season In Oak Glen

     A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to go away for the day to Oak Glen California. What a beautiful place to go and visit. Its apple season and we love to go and enjoy the atmosphere of this beautiful landscape. This is one of my all-time favorite holiday escapes! The weather is beautiful and there is nothing like spending time with your family. We usually start our day at Los Rios Rancho, but it was really busy, so we decided to start with Parrish Pioneer Ranch.

     One of the reasons we adore Parrish Pioneer Ranch, is because they provide a yummy selection of apples and cider to taste. Here my husband enjoys picking from a variety of bottled sodas. We usually bring our own lunch and picnic, but you can go in and grab a quick-lunch at their cute little lunch stand. We have developed a passion for their apple burritos. They are a must! You don’t want to miss this treat!! You can order yours as is or warmed up. I liked to get mine warmed up. It’s like having apple pie but wrapped in a sweetened tortilla. The tortilla is frosted with a  cinnamon and sugar glaze. Once you try this gooey treat, you’re going to want to Go up there just to get one. At their lunch stand they also provide other small simple pleasures such as, honey sticks, and caramel apple suckers. Both of which the kids love!

     A few other reasons we favor Parrish Pioneer Ranch is that, they have animals around the ranch that you can walk up and see, free of charge. Their kettle corn is also a must have! Super fresh and flavorful! A large bag will last my family of five for the day. It’s a nice snack to have while going about checking out all the activities. Finally, my sons absolute favorite part about Parrish Pioneer Ranch is, their Pirate Show! This show is free of charge and is on Sundays. They have a showing at 2 and 2:30pm. It is a live show with gunfire and cannon fire. So, if you have little ones or kids with sensitivity to sound, I wouldn’t recommend going. Unless, you bring some sort of earplugs. The outdoor stage is really up close to the seating. At the end of the show they do ask for donations as you leave. Get in line early for this show, so you can get good seating. I hope you enjoy this simple country pirate show as much as we do! Click on the link here to check out all the exciting things you can explore on Parrish Pioneer Ranch.


     Next stop, Oak Tree Village! They have the best little candy shop called, Village Candy Kitchen. They have an assortment of candies, chocolates, dairy items, jams, hot sauces, and shakes! My family and I all have our favorites that we like to get from here; mine is the chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Yum! They also have a delicious verity of fudge! Each one is so yummy and they even let you try before you buy! The kids usually pick out some pieces of taffy and my mom likes to get their cheese and salami packs. While here the kids like to go on the train ride. It is reasonably priced at $3.00 dollars a person. We have also gone to the Animal Park and Petting Zoo, which is pretty awesome. It’s $6.00 dollars a person. They have animals out that you can pet and feed for 25 cents. That will get you a hand-full of feed for the animals. At the top of the petting zoo they have a trout fishing pond that you can catch live fish in; for an added price. So much fun all in one place! Here is the link to check out the fun ahead of time.


     The final spot we went was, Riley’s at Los Rios Rancho. Here my family picked up some yummy bags of apples and fresh cider. Apple prices and cider prices very, depending on what size you get. Some bags of apples start as low as $7.50 for a small bag. While here you have to get their mouth-watering corn on the cob.  They have a neat old-fashioned cider press, where you can make your own cider! I enjoy trying all their jams and butters. They have an apple tasting station as well and a cute little holiday country store. They have a bakery with a large variety of yummy baked goods. After all these years, one thing I haven’t tried yet is, their applewood BBQ slow roasted meats. Sounds fabulous, right?! Makes my mouth waters just saying it. I’ll have to put it on the list to try for next year. They also provide some great education school tours. You can take a hayride through the orchards or check out the petting zoo. If your interested in checking out Riley’s at Los Rios Rancho click here.

     Thanks for spending the day with me at Oak Glen. I hope you get some good information about this amazing holiday getaway from this post. Come up and enjoy the food, fun, and atmosphere before apple season ends!