Box of Many Ideas

If you haven’t heard of Box of Many Ideas yet you are missing out! This wonderful company has some really fun products that can be sent right to your door monthly. Each box is based on a survey you can take about what your likes are. That way each box is customized to you! I had the great opportunity of getting a chance to experience this first had.

When I first opened the box there was a great little bag of fun things. First off there is a little thank you card for subscribing. Which it is always awesome to get a thank you, right!?! In the same bag I got a cute little sticker, hand cleansing wipes, tattoos, and a card listing all the things I received in my box, their market value and what I saved. Also, there was a cute little penguin facial mask. 

Once I opened up the paper there is a survey card to fill out so that my next box can be accustomed to my personal likes, yay! It is already pre-stamped so all you have to do is fill it out and pop it into the mailbox.

Okay now on to the goodies! I got a cute little heart shaped doughnut keychain with sprinkles. This little squishy keychain is so cute and fun to squish! I also go a great brush scrubber which I LOVE and use all the time! Next, I got two great lip products. A balm called, Cherry Chree and a mini lipstick by, Bare Minerals. Can I just say I already really like Bare Minerals, but I love their lipsticks! They are beautiful and long lasting. I received an eye shadow powder called, Glamour Dolleyes. It’s a very pretty sparkly loose powder. I’m not sure what company the bath bomb was from, but it was lovely, great smelling, and fun! Some bath bomb’s can have to strong of smell, but this one was just right.

One of my favorite items that I got in the box was the Meri Meri’s Love Tokens. These cute little tokens are a great gift that any couple could enjoy. Some token cards came blank so that you can fill in your own idea for a token, which I liked as well. My other favorite item to use from the box is the Cherry Chree Macaron lip balm. I keep that one in my purse and use it all the time. It doesn’t really have a flavor (which some people prefer), and is shiny and smooth.

I would highly recommend subscribing to this great company’s box that puts the customer first! Their slogan is, “Stay beautiful. Be organized. Have fun.” The Box of Many Ideas helps us to embody that very thing.


If you decide that the Box of Many Ideas is for you, they are offering a discount of 25% off your first box with no expiration date. Just enter the code curlyrose25. I hope that you get an opportunity to enjoy this great little companies personalized box of many ideas.



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