Why use face primer?

My sister in law, Sabrina Purcell, is a makeup and hair artist and I always go to her for my makeup questions. If you are looking for someone to do your hair and makeup, she is amazing! You can check out some of her work here and here. One question that I asked her is, what makes the difference between me just doing my makeup and having a makeup artist do it? She responded with, face primer. She said, “Lots of times people forget or don’t use face primer.” So naturally I decided to try out some face primer. I first went the cheap rout and tried the Elf brand face primer. That didn’t seem to make an effect at all on my face. Luckily I had a good friend come to my rescue.

My good friend samples lots of products and writes reviews on them. She just happened to send me one product as a gift. Low and behold it was a face primer called, Hourglass. So, naturally I gave it a try. The results where phenomenal! Before I knew it I had several people ask me what I was doing different with my makeup? That my makeup looked so good. Well, in all reality I didn’t change anything about my makeup, I just started applying Hourglass face primer.

Hourglass face primer is on the expensive side, but because of the results I saw such as, even glowing skin, and the comments I recived, it is well worth the price to me! I have tried other primers, but I could see no results at all. They didn’t even come close to the results I got from Hourglass. Hourglass evens out my skin tone and adds such a nice glow; sometimes that is all I will put on my face (other then lipstick or lip gloss). So, here is my monthly beauty tip to you. If you are looking for a more finished look, for that extra oomph, or a more professional look, start using face primer and make sure it works! Don’t waste your money on the cheep stuff!  The price for Hourglass rangers from $19-$75, depending on what size you order. I usually order the 10 ounce for $19  plus tax, with free 2 day shipping and free returns. You can find Hourglass here.

I hope that this primer works for you! That it gives you that extra oomph in your look that you have been looking for. I hope that this product works for you as well as it works for me. If not, I hope that you can find one that does and please share your treasured make up finds with the rest of us! You can share here if you like under comments. Go get that glow!



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